The Warrior Dash 2
  Aryana Mohammed
Fit Pulse
September 2016

Initially a pre-event to Hardcore, Concierge Fitness has branched out to creating a separate event this time around with “The Warrior Dash 2”, the brain child of personal trainer and owner of Concierge Fitness, Keon Birch. Held on Sunday 31st July, 2016 in Moka, Maraval, bright and early at 9 am, the event forced those who were fit and those who strived to be fit, to roll off their beds and “suit up” with their gym gear and prepare to take on a three mile trail, up hills, through the bush and down a steeply paved road in order to cross the finish line, all the while trying to make record time.

The incentives: 1. Your fitness goals; 2. Concierge’s interest in your fitness goals by hosting this event in the first place; 3. The landscape; 4. The fresh air; 5. A supplement sampling station sponsored by BodyGlow; 6. Water necesary for hydration sponsored by Xtra Foods; 7. Medals of participation; 8. Ten speciality packages for the top ten, and 9. The obvious satisfaction from placing first, second, third or really just completing in the first place

Ideally, it was meant to be a fitness event for everyone from different sizes to different fitness levels as informed by Keon and it definitely accomplished that. According to one participant, Reena Rampersad whose goal was to get back fit, trying to catch her breath down “the steeply paved road”, she puffed, “It was a start.”

Others couldn’t manage to get the words out, so they chose to be short and sweet with “Good.” All in all, a “good” sign of the productivity during the day’s events, making the course doable but not necessarily easy. The three mile trail involved sixteen personal trainers/martials strategically placed at different checkpoints of the trail to direct and instruct the participants on which obstacle or exercise to undertake for them to continue on the course. To qualify for the top three medals, participants were required to collect three straws given out by specific martials. Tough. Keeping your mind and your body going, training to be adept in all areas. To quote Keon, “It’s personal training in a competitive setting.”

So the adrenaline was pumping, the blood was flowing and they were all perspiring with exercises like cartwheels, leg press, frog hops up the hill, burpees, walking lunges, blast off push-ups, parallel jumps, crab walking, bear crawls and squats among other things.

Wanna know the best part?

No one knew how to train for it because all the exercises were a surprise. A true test of endurance and fitness.

Think you could do that?

Did it pique your interest?

Wanna enter?

Does your gut tell you, you could complete those exercises in a jiffy?

Well put your money where your mouth is next year. Follow Concierge Fitness on Facebook for updates and don’t forget to sign up. Remember, it’s for every age and stage. Your biggest competition is always you.

The first (Kerrie Kirton), second (Sherron Victor) and third (Joel Modeste) places all went to guys twenty-nine, thirty-two and thirty-four years of age respectively. So guys and gals, what are you waiting for? Mark their names and start prepping from now to boot them out of the top spots and take home your pride and your prize.

Spread the word people. Let’s make the event bigger and better for finally, some “healthy” competition.

By: Aryana Mohammed | Fit Pulse | September 2016