One on One with Third Bass
  Paradise Pulse
February 2016

An exclusive interview Adrian ‘Bass’ Hackshaw

Your song ‘Bum Bum’ or ‘Stush in the Bush’, as everyone is calling it, has been one of 2016’s biggest soca hits. What made you write that song?

The song was written from a true experience with a female and it’s also a reflection of how people party today.....everyone just wants to look nice, pose for pics & be stush.


How did your preparations for Carnival 2016 go?

Well marketing of the song was very important for me as well as doing good performances. That was what really kept the song alive.


Where did the pseudonym Third Bass come from?

Back in the early 90s I was actually part of a dj group and we had lots of bass in our system.....I was the only one out of the group that continues dj’ing and the name stuck with me.


Who influenced you in singing soca?

I was encouraged to sing soca because of the lack of young people wanting to get into the being a popular dj at the time that youths looked up to, it made soca seem cool to young people who were mostly into dancehall & hip hop at the time.


As a child growing up, who were your soca icons?

I was told that the first ever song I sang was from the Mighty Shadow: a song called ‘’I Believe’’. I have been a Shadow fan ever since....his style and uniqueness are key to me.


What are you views on soca music this year?

This year had some great music despite what people said....folks are in what I call ‘‘SOCA DENIAL’’. It’s just that most of the great songs don’t come from the usual suspects and the big guns that people are used too.

What is the most important life lesson that your parents taught you?

Work hard and the rewards will come.


You left Trinidad in the year 2000. How was it living in New York working as a dj and a soca artiste?

In NYC I continued to dj but it was hard doing soca out there. There was a “disconnect” with finding a producer to get the right vibe but things have changed now.


What defines you as a person?

I am REAL....REAL TALK.....I can’t be fake even if I fake it.


Are there any challenges in being a DJ and a soca artiste?

I think you get judged harder from your peers on radio and artistes expect more from you since they think you have an easy way in terms of getting your music played.


What advice would you give upcoming DJs who would like to follow in your footsteps?

Know your music....all types of your different try to stand out....stop being a follower, be a leader.


Is there life after soca for Thrid Bass?

Always. I am a dj, radio announcer, business man and promoter. I also love to travel.


If you could choose any other profession what would it be?

Probably to be the Minister of Culture & help take our music, culture and Carnival to where they need to be internationally.


What would you like to say to your loyal supporters?

Thanks for not giving up on me and look out for some more great music in the future.


By: Paradise Pulse | FEATURES | February 2016