Shurwayne Winchester speaks: An Exclusive Interview with the ‘Winer Man’
  Paradise Pulse
February 2016

What is the story behind Truck Driver?

Truck Driver is a plea by masqueraders on the road who don’t want to lose a second of enjoyment while playing in the bands that they paid for. It’s a scenario that happens year after year where DJs and masqueraders have to ask the truck drivers to slow down because they are moving too fast on the road or move off too quickly on the stage. However it’s an effective technique used by the band leaders to get masqueraders to move off the stage quickly for other sections to come on so the truck moves off quickly. Anyone who has ever played mas on the road knows this story. It’s simply a reality song.

At a very young age you were competing against big names in the industry like Deneyse Plummer and Cro Cro.  When did you know that soca was for you?

From the first time I sang a song called Wineaholic I realised that soca music was my calling despite the fact that I started off singing calypso.

What inspired you to create Y.O.U.?

I created Y.O.U. to help me fully express myself as the artiste I wanted to be. With my own band I was able to explore different styles and genres of music. It’s difficult to do this when you have to perform with another band as rehearsals and performance times with other bands are limited.

What are your thoughts on the current soca?

Current soca is just like any other genre of music: it is evolving until it finds itself. The history of soca has been a cycle. We are seeing the soca heading back to the grooves and this will continue until the power soca makes its return. It’s maybe at a slower tempo or the 150-160bpm.

What are your soca tunes for 2016 apart from Truck Driver?

My 2016 releases are Head Gone, Welcome, Born to Wine (Jambeon Riddim), Girl of my Dreams, Eclipse   Riddim–Permission (Mr. Vegas and I).

Who were your top soca idols?

Merchant, Baron, Sparrow and David Rudder.

Are you pleased with the progression of soca?

Yes I am as we made some great steps in soca but there are many areas where improvements can be made to give soca the respect and place here where she has to be.

What advice would you give the young, upcoming soca artistes?

The same advice I got: learn the basics, build on your natural skills and work hard on mastering your craft. Develop your skills the proper way. One of the best pieces of advice I received from the Baron, who I’m proud to call a friend now, was, “Don’t try to be like me, be yourself.”

Would you do any collaborations with any young soca artistes?

Yes, with the right song and the right act.

What do you do in your spare time?

Study my craft and work on the business behind the music.

How important is your family to you?


Is there a young lady in your life at present?


What are your plans for the rest of 2016 and the 2017 season?

Promoting the material, developing on the contacts I’ve made, recording, working on improving the events I have and touring.

What would you like to say to your fans?

Thanks for the support through the years and thanks to those who have supported all my events: Tobago Love the Xperience, Addiction the All Inclusive Breakfast Party, Shurwayne Winchester in Concert and Funday. Rest assured that I will do my best to keep bringing good music and quality events to my fans and patrons.

By: Paradise Pulse | FEATURES | February 2016