Meet The Person Behind The Revolutionary New Invention YFUMBLE!
  Chris Selochan
November 2015

What’s it like being an inventor? What does an inventor do in his spare time? Paradise Pulse spoke with Kevan Sinanan, the dynamic young inventor of Yfumble, a revolutionary device that promises you will never have problems identifying which key on your bunch to use on a lock. Kevan tells us all about his invention and what makes him tick! You can also scroll down to view a video demo of Yfumble.


What is Yfumble and when did you invent it?

Yfumble is a simple add on device (Patent Pending) to your existing keys and locks, so when you are close to your locks the key for the corresponding lock will blink. This helps you identify your keys for your locks in a dark environment or if you carry many keys and usually have difficulty remembering which keys correspond to which locks.  


The device also has a built-in feature which enables it to vibrate; a feature which may also prove beneficial to the visually impaired. I began developing Yfumble in 2012 and continued refining it until it fulfilled all the requirements I had envisioned it would. Then, in 2013, it won the "Idea 2 Innovation" competition which provided assistance to help make a prototype which could be commercialised. Recently it also won an award at the 2015 Prime Minister’s Award for Scientific Ingenuity.

A cartoon demonstrating Yfumble in action


What inspired you to create Yfumble?

As with every invention it came out of a need. Every day when entering my home I kept inserting the wrong key and into the locks. I knew there had to be an easier and more efficient way to identify my keys without using nail polish or paint on my keys and locks.


Do you think it will be successful?

Yes it will be very successful based on the market research conducted. From now it is all about execution and exceeding customer expectations. There are no similar devices on the market thus far besides the “Do It Yourself” solutions individuals may devise. Limitations are always a concern however and the Yfumble team is always working on improvements and iterations to enhance the customer and Yfumble interaction.


What has been the response thus far?

Very promising, there is already a waiting list without any advertising. If you are interested on being on this waiting list, you can sign up at and we will email you when Yfumble is available for purchase.


When and where will it be available for sale and at what price? How can people get more information about the product?

The price is estimated to $24.99 USD for four keys and four locks. More information is available at


Do you have plans to market it abroad?

The strategy and intention from day one was to market abroad.  All market research was done for a global market.


Can we expect any new inventions from you in the near future?

Yes you can.  However at the moment I cannot disclose any details.  


What words of advice do you have for young aspiring inventors in Trinidad and Tobago?

Watch a lot of Shark Tank and Dragons Den.

Read books such as Running Lean, Cashflow Quadrant, and Think and Grow Rich.

And here are some tips to being creative:  exercise, avoid over processed food and drinks (junk food), eat natural foods, go into nature or hikes, do what excites you, meditate, follow your passion and always write down your ideas even if they sound ridiculous.


Can you tell our readers a bit about yourself?

I was born and bred in Central Trinidad, Cunupia to be exact. I attended Presentation College, San Fernando  and earned a B.Sc. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from UWI, St. Augustine and am currently pursuing my MBA at the Australian Institute of Business.  My interests are music, computers, fitness and reading business articles.


Kevan receives a Certificate of Achievement at the Prime Minister’s Scientific, Innovation and Invention Competition earlier this year


What are your favourite television shows?

Silicon Valley, Shark Tank, The Profit, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Seinfeld and The Simpsons.


If you could experience someone else’s life for just one day, who would it be?

Steve Jobs, Elon Musk or Richard Branson all in one day, eight hours each.


Who do people say is your doppelganger?  

Kees Dieffenthaller or Jason Statham, depending on if I wear a hat or not.


What’s your ‘can’t do without’ food?

Mom’s Pelau.


Kevan Sinanan with his invention


As an inventer, what do you consider to be the greatest invention in your lifetime?

The internet; we are living in the great experiment where information is available at the speed of thought.


Give us three words that describe yourself.

Curious, Observer, Dreamer.


What’s your biggest annoyance?

Getting stuck in rush-hour traffic.


What would you do on your perfect day off?  

A hike to a beach or water fall, creating music or collecting crystals.


Photos by Brahma Beharrysingh


By: Chris Selochan | FEATURES | November 2015