Exclusive: Crazy Thinks He Can Win Road March 2016 With This Song!
  Chris Selochan
October 2015

When we did our feature story on Crazy earlier this year we mentioned that he has had great success in the Road March race, with his 1985 composition Suck Meh Soucouyant having won him the title that year. He has also placed second in this competition on  eleven occasions.


Well, the man dubbed ‘The Lovable Lunatic’ by his legion of fans around the world is at it again and he believes that 2016 will be the year that will bring him Road March glory for the first time in over three decades.


Undaunted by his much younger competition, the evergreen Crazy, who had soca afficionades dancing in 2015 with the groovy Respect The Elders, has his eyes set on both the Road March and Power Soca Monarch titles in 2016 with the upbeat composition Jab Jab Revival, and he’s shared it exclusively with Paradise Pulse before its release! He’s pumped up about this song and believes it’s his best chance to win the Road March title since 1985.

Crazy (centre) during an interview with Paradise Pulse at his home in San Juan earlier this year

So, what was his inspiration for Jab Jab Revival? “My inspiration comes simply from being forty five years in the business and having only won the Road March once. I want to win again! 2016 will be Crazy’s year!” he said excitedly.


But what makes Crazy think that as a veteran artiste his music will appeal to the younger audience? “Within every couple years or so in the past, there is always a veteran old school artiste that comes up with a big Road March song and upsets the apple cart. For instance Kitchener did it with De Road in 1963 which was a surprise victory when Sparrow was dominating.  Super Blue did it recently with Fantastic Friday when Machel was dominating. Shadow did it with Stranger in 2000 and there are some more. I think this Jab Jab song is going to give me my second Road March. It has all the ingredients. To begin with, it is in the young people vein, including children, and is very ‘breakawayish’.”


And he has a final warning for the modern day Road March favourites: “Machel and Bunji, I think in 2016 is ah old boy will do the Road March trick with divine intervention!”


So, can Crazy pull it off in 2016 in a field that will likely feature the likes of Machel Montano, Bunji Garlin, Kees, Benjai, Fay Ann, Farmer Nappy, Destra and others? Click below to be among the first to hear Jab Jab Revival and you can make up your own mind. We certainly won’t be betting against him!

You can also click on the link below to read our full length feature story and video interview which we ran on Crazy earlier this year:

Jab Jab Revival by Crazy




By: Chris Selochan | FEATURES | October 2015