Divali Nagar 2014: Ongoing Coverage
  Chris Selochan
October 2014

Opening Night

Divali Nagar has become a tradition in the cultural calendar of Trinidad and Tobago. Every year, thousands of persons attend this cultural extravaganza hosted by the National Council for Indian Culture (NCIC). It takes place on the nine days preceding Divali at the NCIC Nagar compound located just north of the Endeavour Flyover in Chaguanas, Trinidad.


People come for different reasons. Some come to enjoy the nightly cultural performances on the main stage and the indoor folk theatre while others come to explore the dozens of commercial booths. Yet others visit to sample the delicious Indian delicacies on offer at the food court, with the now famous pepper roti being arguably the most sought after dish.


For most however, it is the combination of all of these experiences that makes Divali Nagar an event that is perhaps unparalleled in the western hemisphere.   


Divali Nagar 2014 got off a wonderful start on Tuesday 14th October 2014 with the programme on the main stage featuring a variety of performances. Every year, a prominent member of the Hindu community is selected as the chief guest and honoured. This year, the honour was bestowed upon former chairman of the Police Service and Public Service Commission Mr. Kenneth Lalla SC.


NCIC President Deokinanan Sharma and Pundit Abhedanand Persad Sharma lit the first deya to commence proceedings.


Paradise Pulse is pleased to present exclusive, ongoing coverage of Divali Nagar 2014. Our coverage will include lots of photos as well as videos with interviews of patrons, booth owners and celebrities.


Be sure to visit our booth at Booth Number 92 where numerous celebrities will be dropping by to be interviewed and share their thoughts on Divali.

For now, do enjoy the video at the top of the page as well as the photos in the slideshow below from the opening night.

Enjoy some exclusive photos below !



More Divali Nagar 2014 coverage

As we continue to provide you with ongoing coverage of Divali Nagar 2014, we are pleased to bring you some more exciting images. Do enjoy, and don't forget to visit us at Booth 92.


Youth Dance Competition

Images by Brahma Beharrysingh

Some more Photos from Divali Nagar 2014

Images by Brahma Beharrysingh

Divali Nagar 2014 Interviews


























By: Chris Selochan | FEATURES | October 2014