Midst of Paradise
  Chris Selochan
Editor's Blog
September 2014

And Then There Was Paradise Pulse…


So, what exactly is Paradise Pulse? And why should you care?


Well, over the past ten years use of the internet has exploded in Trinidad and Tobago. Almost everyone now either has or can easily obtain access to the internet on some form of computing device. Indeed, many now have access to the internet in their pockets in the form of smart phones.


Correspondingly, social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become household names, providing valuable and novel avenues for the sharing of photos and videos. Equally, these sites have facilitated the sharing of online articles and videos and have engineered a new culture of reading among persons. Remarkably however, most of the articles and videos which are shared emanate from outside the Caribbean (primarily the United States) since there was for the most part, prior to now, no online avenue for quality content emanating from Trinidad and Tobago. There was therefore an urgent need to fill this important void.


Enter Paradise Pulse.


Paradise Pulse will provide an array of exciting, interesting and thought provoking articles and videos that will be instantly accessible to persons across the world on our website and Facebook page.  So, is it then just another online magazine? Well, at the risk of being accused of uttering a cliché, Paradise Pulse is more than just another online magazine.


Paradise Pulse is a representation of a nation’s unique and unparalleled diversity as well as the soul of its culture.


Paradise Pulse is an amalgamation of previously suppressed expressions.


Paradise Pulse represents the arrival and emancipation of a people.


Paradise Pulse will showcase the past, embody the present and embrace the future.


Paradise Pulse will explore. Paradise Pulse will fascinate. Paradise Pulse will excite, entertain and educate.


Paradise Pulse will make you laugh and Paradise Pulse will make you cry.


Paradise Pulse will show beauty where it was previously thought that none existed.


Paradise Pulse will bring you stories and images that are begging to be told and shown.


In short, there are many online magazines and websites, but there has never been one quite like Paradise Pulse in this part of the world.


In attempting to achieve our objectives, we have carefully assembled a dynamic team of men and women as contributors. Many of them will be familiar to you due to their previous experience in the media and their professional standing. Quite a few, however, are new faces who bring a breath of fresh air to the media landscape. I feel extremely privileged to join this group as a writer and photographer.


But what about the content? Well, Paradise Pulse will bring to you a diverse range  of stories and videos on music, culture, events, health, food, sports, fashion as well as on interesting people and places. Our interviews with personalities will seek to go beyond a typical run of the mill question and answer session but rather attempt to uncover fascinating, previously unknown details.  We will also be providing you with reviews of books, movies and various tech devices from the perspectives of experts right here in Trinidad and Tobago. We will cover topics, persons and places that are trending today, but also pay homage to our icons in a way that even our younger audience will appreciate and enjoy.


Our aim is not to bore you with long winded articles but to provide you with easily digestible articles and videos accompanied by smart photography that you will find both entertaining and informative.


So, what does all of this mean for you? Well for visitors to our website and Facebook page, you can be assured of original, regularly updated quality content that is easily accessible at anytime and at practically any place in the world. For advertisers, Paradise Pulse represents a unique opportunity to reach a diverse and sophisticated audience that is not limited to one geographical market.


But the articles, columns, videos and photographs which are at present available on Paradise Pulse are just the beginning. We have many new features which will be added shortly and numerous exciting initiatives are planned that will take Paradise Pulse beyond the scope of what has hitherto existed in this part of the world. Some of these will surprise you. Paradise Pulse will continue to be a work in progress and it will mirror the evolution of Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean. Be sure to bookmark us and visit the website and our Facebook page frequently since lots of new stuff will be continuously added.


In launching Paradise Pulse we have taken a bold step towards what we consider to be the future of media consumption. As we embark upon this journey, we invite you to join with us.

By: Chris Selochan | Editor's Blog | September 2014