Fashion tour comes to Trinidad
  Déna Best
Fashion Pulse
May 2022


The most diverse and inclusive fashion show is coming to N.A.P.A. on Sunday 5th June 2022. 

The International Beautiful You Fashion Tour is a non-profit organization that promotes body positivity, self-love and inclusivity through its International events.

As a featured makeup artist for this event, I am pleased to be representing our beautiful island and work along with other beauty professionals, models, designers and photographers to bring our fashion to life.



The Beautiful You Fashion Tour has held hundreds of shows in many countries with adult and kid models.

I admire the powerful message behind the show since they welcome models of all ages and sizes. Those with disabilities and even special needs are allowed to be part of the show. The Beautiful You Fashion Tour provides a real opportunity to display talent and creativity while encouraging those who have the passion but feel that there is no place for them. 


The International Beautiful You Tour in Las Vegas on 16th January, 2022


I hope that this fashion show will bridge gaps and allow our local creatives and fashionistas to network and come together, building a community afterward.

Mr. Dewayne Wiliams (also known as Mr. Debonair), the Director and Producer of The International Beautiful You Fashion Tour, was born and raised in the United States of America. He has been producing events since 2002 and is currently a successful entertainment entrepreneur.

The International Beautiful You Tour in Oklahoma City, OK on 21st February, 2022


Through his vision, he created an online platform,, offering individuals within the fashion industry a forum to publicize and maintain an online presence where they can connect with other models, designers, photographers and beauty professionals on a global scale. offers free membership and the opportunity to partake in promotions and various contests. 

Those taking part in the fashion show on Sunday 5th June are members of and, in so doing, have access to all local and international members. 

The host for the show will be Mr. Debonair, who is eager to be in Trinidad and urges everyone to come out to support and celebrate our locals in the fashion industry. "It will be the best night of fashion that you will experience, as we merge talents and creativity to showcase each other positively. Trust me, you don't want to miss it."

The International Beautiful You Fashion Tour starts promptly at 3:00 p.m., and the doors will be open at 2:00 p.m. You can come early and choose your seat as you prepare for a fun-filled night of fashion and laughter.

There will also be an opportunity for one designer or model to win a free trip to New York Fashion Week. That is a huge opportunity, and I am looking forward to seeing who the talented winner will be.


The International Beautiful You Tour in Austin, TX on 19th March, 2022


Technology has brought us all so much closer, and the opportunities provided by Mr. Debonair and his non-profit organization are tremendous. 

For 2022, The International Beautiful You Fashion Tour has already been held in Las Vegas (January), Oklahoma City (February), Paris-France (March), Austin-Texas (March), and Orlando-Florida (April), Philadelphia (May), and Chicago (May). 

For the first time in Trinidad, we welcome The International Beautiful You Fashion Tour.

Tickets will not be available for sale at the door, so get them early at N.A.P.A.

You can also contact 868-395-4122 or text info to whatsapp at +1-254-317-5440 or visit the following:

Facebook: BeautifulYouFashionTour

Instagram: @Beautifulyou_fashiontour



All photographs and posters for this article are courtesy of Mr. Dewayne Wiliams.

By: Déna Best | Fashion Pulse | May 2022